American Sign Language Lessons

Jack Richman offers American Sign Language(ASL) Lessons to people of all ages, levels, and learning abilities. Jack has seven years of experience in ASL and knows the language and culture very well. He strives to make the ASL learning process custom to each student based on their pace and learning capabilities. Jack is open to teaching all people including students with ASD(Autism Spectrum Disorder), students who are deaf or hard of hearing(HOH), parents and relatives of deaf or HOH children, and anyone who is interested in learning the language and all about deaf culture.

About the Language

American Sign Language, also known as ASL is the official language of deaf and hard of hearing people in the United States. It is a beautiful visual language that uses signs, facial expressions and gestures to communicate ideas just as complex as any oral language. Sadly, ASL is being used less and less as technology advances but it is extremely important as deaf and hard of hearing people often struggle to be included in our primarily hearing world. 

Why learn ASL?

ASL is a sophisticated and organized visual language that not only is the communication method of most deaf and hard of hearing people, but can also be extremely helpful for kids with ASD(Autism Spectrum Disorder) and hearing kids who have trouble with oral speech. Sign Language is much more tangible than oral language as it can be seen and repeated. Studies show that kids who are learning both ASL and Spoken English pick up ASL much quicker than English. There is a need for more ASL teachers, interpreters, and teachers to work with deaf and HOH students. 

The Curriculum

Jack's ASL curriculum is structured in lessons that may be completed in the time that the student needs. There is an option for visual, and written tests depending on the student's age, ability, and preference. There is typically no homework for the ASL student besides receptive fingerspelling practice unless the student or parent requests homework assignments. The order and way which the curriculum is taught is based on the students preference, pace, learning style, and abilities.

RATES (Online rates differ)

1 Person: $30/hr

2 People: $20/hr

3-6 People: $15/hr

7+ People: $10/hr

for 30 minute or 45 minute Lessons:

1 Person: $25

2 People: $18

3-6 People: $14

7+ People: $8

*All Lessons in Manhattan must be at least one hour*


Jack teaches in the Rockville Centre, Lynbrook, Oceanside, Hempstead, Baldwin area and Manhattan. There are multiple location options including the Rockville Centre Public Library, the West Hempstead Public Library, libraries in Manhattan, and rented spaces in NYC. Jack can also come to YOUR location if requested. Right now, most classes are being held virtually but in-person lessons are an option with a mask requirement for the student and teacher.



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