Learn Sign Language!

Sign Language is such an amazing form of communication. Many deaf and hard of hearing people don’t have the ability to be oral and speak their country’s main oral language. Many also can’t learn to lip read. Lip reading and orally based language are extremely difficult for some people who are born deaf or hard of hearing. It’s our job to not let technology be our only way for hearing people to communicate with deaf/hard of hearing people. It is so much easier to learn your country’s Sign Language than for a deaf or hard of hearing person to learn ours. It’s so important that we do not rely on newer technologies like cochlear implants and other hearing aids to “fix” deaf people. We need to love and appreciate deaf culture and the deaf community and learn their language. It is truly not as difficult as you may think. I offer American Sign Language lesson as you can see in the ASL page of my website. Let’s see the beauty of signed languages and FACE TO FACE visual communication. I hope we can push for more schools to have Sign Language classes and for more people to learn them. The percentage of people who learn Sign Languages are sadly decreasing because of technological communication and hearing technology. Deaf culture is so important and beautiful. For anyone who says that hearing is necessary for understanding people and true emotional connection, you are very wrong. American Sign Language is such a smart, beautiful, and useful language. Start signing today! It is so much easier for hearing people to learn the language of the deaf than vise versa.


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