Male Dominance in the English Language and Culture (y'all speaking like only MEN drive)

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Can I just ask... why do people always refer to an unknown driver as “he” and “that guy”? Are all drivers males? Almost everyone I know does this. It makes no sense. I always found this the strangest thing. We were watching an older video today in drivers ed and the woman talking about driving rules uses “he” for an unknown driver and she is a WOMAN! I’m amazed.

We have to adapt our language to be inclusive and progressive in using the singular “they/them/their” pronoun which has existed for centuries(not some new invention). Just using “he” for unknown drivers is very inaccurate and outdated. Many women and Non Binary people drive and have been driving for a very, very long time. Let’s be conscience of the pronouns we use and reject the male dominance in language and culture.


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