"work on myself (boi bye) [feat. Kassie Zangari]" is a new single released by Jack Richman on Friday, March 27th, 2020 that will also be included in his 4-Song 2020 EP Album coming out in June. The Pop-Dance song was written, produced and sung by Jack Richman, featuring a guest artist, vocalist: Kassie Zangari. The song is currently available on 34 Music Distribution Platforms to listen, stream, download, and buy. Purchase your sheet music here. If you would like the song transposed into a diffenent key, submit the form here. You can listen to the song here. The sheet music includes the Main Vocals, Main Harmonies, Riffs, the Electric Piano part, and chord symbols. The PDF of the sheet music includes a title page, the full sheet music, the Vocal Leadsheet, and a copy of the Lyrics sheet. If you would like to publish your own arrangement of this song, please contact Jack Richman, at jack@jackrichman.com. 

"work on myself (boi bye) [feat. Kassie Zangari] - Digital Sheet Music

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