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Thu, Dec 24
LIVE on YouTube
2020 Final Live Holiday Extravaganza!
The 11th annual Live-streamed Holiday Extravaganza that Jack produces and stars in.

Jack's Final Live Holiday Show

December 2020

For 11 years now, Jack has been producing and performing in his own holiday show on Christmas Eve. It started very small when he was in first grade. He would perform for a small audience every Christmas Eve singing various Holiday, Winter, and Christmas songs. Jack eventually expanded and advanced the holiday show to be an annual livestream on YouTube. For the past 4 years, Jack has live-streamed the show. This December, Jack will be doing his FINAL live show as he reaches his senior year in high school. Stay tuned for more info and make song requests for the upcoming show in the button below or recommend ideas for the performance.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been some cancellations of upcoming shows and events.

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