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written, and produced by Jack Richman

Available now!

on 35 Music Streaming, and Distribution Platforms

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Jack Richman's debut Pop EP Album, "STELLAR" with six songs from various sub-genres is now available on 35 music platforms. Sheet music will be available and on sale on June 11th. There will also be a virtual concert Live on YouTube on July 18th. Jack has been working tirelessly since March to bring inspiration and entertainment to the world through music and art. He is thrilled for everyone to hear his first ever album and encourages everyone to get up and dance during a time of much uncertainty, stress, and conflict. 

My personal message through this album to all listening is this:

1. Always remember that you are valuable and loved even if you can't see it.

2. Don't lose hope even if it is hard to find. Change is coming.

3. Work on yourself and your self esteem before working on someone else.

4. Labels limit us and cause us to make invalid assumptions about other people.

5. Don't let anyone stop you from living your dreams!

Love you all! Hope you enjoy the album. 💜 

- Jack Richman